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Does this sound familiar: you looked at the new and latest thing that someone said every business should have that has nothing to do with your business and your marketing approach, but because it looked good and had some potential, you got all excited and purchased it anyway?

Then, you feel like you’ve wasted your money because you’re stuck with something you’re not even using. That’s when most people get upset because they say, “Oh I got tricked by a shiny object.”

Well, the reality is that it’s not a shiny object, it’s that you are unclear of your priorities. You are unclear as to whether that is a valuable resource for you, so you made a bad decision about if you should spend time and invest in something like that.

There is too much random behavior in the entrepreneurial world, in terms of trying to figure out how to grow their business.

Whatever hot new idea happens to enter their head that morning tends to be the thing that they’re running with, without any specific objectives or measurability about whether that worked or not.

That is no way to run a business!

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The Triple “P” Systems of Success is the practical implementation of the biblical business principles taught in Apostle Buddy’s dynamic book “God the Entrepreneur”.

P1 – Perspective

P2 – Process

P3 – People

You’ll get a high-level vision-based framework to help you see and get clarity on the “big picture” of your business or organization. This will guide you in ensuring that you keep your compelling Vision, Values and Mission as the priority and foundation of what drives your business or organization.

You’ll learn how to create a Strategic Vision for Profitable Growth, define who you are as a business or organization and your abilities to execute your core purpose, develop a BHAG (a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) and Strategic Initiatives to reach your BHAG.

You’ll learn how to create an on-boarding process to build an awesome team, develop impressive customer service and bring in repeat customers.

You can get all of this and much more for just $47, for a limited time only!

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