The Directors

Directors of Marketplace Alliance Group

John & Dawn White

Alliance & Networking

Leader: Joyce Ross

Build strategic alliances through networking and collaborating for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in The Marketplace.

We develop and build partnerships and alliances via creating as well as participating in targeted networking opportunities to include but not limited to conferences, trade shows, and collaborating organizations.

Business Solutions

Leader: John White, Jr.

Provide expert knowledge on business strategies and development, how to start a business correctly, effective marketing techniques, superior customer service practices, employee relations and retention methods, and how to develop high quality employees.

We guide the development of a business by evaluating its current performance and looking for places where it can improve by identifying opportunities, and by building and maintaining long-term relationships with business partners and allies.

Career Development

Leader: Dr. Dawn White

Offer personal assessments and education to pursue the career that God destined for your life through financial resources and higher education opportunities. 

We provide hands-on training and real-life simulations to build your career such as resume and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, soft skills application, and Transformational Leadership that will enhance your job promotion or job transition capabilities.

Digital Marketing

Leader: Alicia Johnson 

Promote training sessions and resources, through various forms of digital media, in an effort to identify, connect with and serve business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations.  

We facilitate the marketing of training sessions and resources, via multiple forms of electronic media.  Content, social media, and email marketing are utilized to connect with our target audience in a measurable way.

Income Strategies

Leader: Derrick Frank 

Supply research-based information to develop several streams of income using online business strategies, investment opportunities, consulting, freelancing, and innovative techniques utilizing your gifts and talents.  

We provide training and guidance on how to build an E-Commerce Business, the Top 10 Money Making Apps to make money from your phone, little known Digital Marketing Techniques to find your target audience, and more!

Marketplace Fair & Directory

Leaders: June Jones & Francies Blair

Develop marketing techniques to promote Life Center members’ businesses and nonprofit organizations that could impact their financial stability and growth.

We create platforms to showcase businesses and nonprofit organizations such as sponsoring a Marketplace Fair, advertising our Marketplace Directory, and highlighting a business per month on Social Media.

Marketplace Ministry

Leader: Dr. Dawn White

Apply practical biblical principles in the marketplace, your sphere of influence, through establishing a biblical worldview in addressing and solving our nation issues and world problems.

We provide training in the Seven Mountains of Culture to address and impact societal issues for God, Seven Basic Biblical Principles to influence corporate and governmental leaders, and Transformational Leadership.

Marketplace Missions

Leader: Deborah Barrett

Promote strategic empowerment in third world countries to impact their economic growth and stability.

We have mission teams to partner with Christian leaders and governmental agencies within the nations to train the residents in creating sustainable businesses, improving health and wellness, and building communities through biblical principles.

Nonprofit Alliance

Leaders: MerryAlyce Murry  & Dr. Ronni Samassa 

Assist individuals who desire to start a nonprofit organization or who already have one but are in need of consultation services to help strengthen their organization.

We aim to assist nonprofit organizations to the extent that individuals are empowered to successfully navigate the unique world of the nonprofit sector. Furthermore, we endeavor to assist in bringing cohesiveness to nonprofits in order to cause them to thrive and not just survive in the community.

Youth Entrepreneurship & Finance

Leader: Zenda Gilmere 

Instill purpose and meaning in the lives of children and youth through financial and entrepreneurial mentorship.

We attract children and youth to Christ through Kingdom business strategies and financial principles that will positively impact their decisions toward future success. They will learn how to develop and maintain wealthy habits and good stewardship while establishing businesses locally and globally using biblical principles.