Meet Our Team


John White, Jr. is a veteran who served as a Medical Specialist in the U.S. Army. He has worked with top companies like Hallmark Cards and Home Depot where he organized and worked closely with store owners, store managers and district managers to increase profitability and fostered environments of teamwork. 

Mr. White is also the Digital Marketing Director for WOWEnterprises, a Digital Marketing Agency that assists and equips serious growth minded entrepreneurs and small businesses with emphasis on using instructional design, digital marketing and online media strategies as the growth engine for their business (independent of what the business is, industry, etc.).


Dr. Dawn M. White, the wife of John White, is a retired educator of 30 years in elementary, middle and higher education. She has an Educational Doctorate degree in Leadership and a Master of Arts in Child, Family, and Community Services.

Dr. White is also the Instructional Designer for WOWEnterprises, where she systematically collects, processes and analyzes data to bring solutions to businesses for quality performance. In addition, she provides workshops, seminars and mentoring, including eLearning and multimedia.