Take Your Dreams Off Hold: 5 Ways to Create the Opportunities You Desire

Are you ready to take your dreams off hold, or are you guilty of saying: “When this happens or when I get this, I will do__________? If so, why do you have to wait for those things to happen in order to move forward? Why aren’t you doing those things now? Aren’t you tired of your life being on hold, waiting for the next opportunity, next raise, or the next “time”? Isn’t it time that you take your dreams off hold and create your own opportunity?

successMost of the time when I make this statement, I am automatically hit with the top 2 reasons why people don’t create their own opportunities: lack of money and not enough time to get everything done. If the lack of money and/or time is your issue, I would like to boldly proclaim that money nor time is your issue they are your excuse.

The reason I say that lack of money or the lack of time is an excuse is because we spend our money where we want and we make time for what is important to us. If this is the case, your money and your time has simply been misappropriated and needs to be administered to work in your favor. It’s time to take your dreams off hold.

Allow the following steps to help you create opportunities and gain more money and time in the process.

Take Your Dreams Off Hold – Your Opportunities

  1. First determine what opportunities you want to create for yourself
  2. Second map out ways to reach those goals.
  3. Third determine the amount of time and funding it will take to achieve those goals
  4. Fourth establish a schedule and a budget that will keep you on track
  5. Fifth create an implementation strategy

Congratulations, you completed the first step which was to create a plan. Now it’s time to fix the main problems, time and money. Believe it or not these are easy fixes. They both require making necessary adjustments and discipline.

Take Your Dreams Off Hold – Show Me the Money!

If lack of money is an issue, create more money and take your dreams off hold by doing the following:

  • Establish a budget
  • Evaluate and tweak your spending
  • Cut back on frivolous spending -i.e. Starbucks every day, eating out daily, shopping etc.
  • Instead of spending your money on insignificant things, put the money towards achieving your goals

Take Your Dreams Off Hold – Where Did the Time Go?

Not enough time in your day? Begin to evaluate your time and establish better time management. 16 hours of your day are automatically allocated to work and sleep. Do you know how you spend the remaining hours? By adding up how much time you spend on social media, watching television, playing games, etc. will help you determine how you spend your day.

Take Your Dreams Off HoldWhenever I suggest evaluating your time, I am usually hit with “I need my down time.” I agree we all need down-time. However, if you put a value on your time would you be wasteful with your down-time? For instance, if you valued your time at $1000/hour would you spend your time on $.01 activities which aren’t increasing your value or worth?

You must realize what you feed your mind either increases your knowledge or it doesn’t – increased knowledge increases your value and worth. Mindless hours on social media, watching reality television and the like will not increase your value; however hours reading the Wall Street Journal, watching documentaries or biopics, listening to a training CD or DVD will increase your knowledge, your value and your worth.

Here are a few ways to establish better time management:

  • Put a value on your time
  • Once established, determine what activities will help you reach your goals and increase your worth
  • Begin to tweak how you spend your time
  • Set a schedule to better manage your time
  • Learn how to multi-task to accomplish more-i.e. on your commute to and from work or while working out at the gym listen to a CD which will help you reach your goals. Make your drive-time/down-time your training time

As you can see, creating your own opportunities isn’t hard it just requires a willingness to establish a plan, do the work and implement the plan to completion. Take your life off hold waiting for the next opportunity – create your own and increase your value and worth.

CEO of JMI and the Founder of the Reinvent You Movement (RYM)

You now have a few of my insider secrets on how to take your dreams off hold. If you want more help, then it’s yours. Just head over to my site and get it. Click here for more resources.

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