The Cupcake Theory

Today I want to talk about The Cupcake Theory; what it is, how it changed my business and how you can benefit from what I learned. When I started my dessert catering company, I was CONSUMED with perfection. From the packaging to the product, I wanted everything to be perfect, if for no other reason, because it represented me and my brand.  In my desire for perfection, I missed out on opportunities because I constantly second guessed if my cupcake Cupcakesproduct was up to par. My challenge, outside of being extremely particular, was presentation.

The Cupcake Theory – Different Standards

I am a great baker but decorations and design are not my forte. In an effort to compensate for my lack of decorating skills, I created my own whimsical toppings. My clients loved them but in the back of my mind, I second guessed my decorations because I lacked confidence. I constantly compared my decorations to my competition and was often defeated.

I prided myself on offering fresh, high quality ingredients. I believed in a fresh baked cupcake, so all items were baked to order-freshness, taste and quality were key for me. As I shopped the competition, I quickly realized that my standards weren’t the same across the board. At the time cupcakes were exploding. I shopped the top cupcake bakeries in my market and realized a few things: the products weren’t cooked to order they were frozen and not fresh. Some items were sold burned and others were made offsite by a manufacture.

The Cupcake Theory – Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken

 I shared my experience with a friend and I will never forget her response. She said: You are working so hard to ensure your products are fresh and consist of high quality ingredients. You are creating the perfect packaging, labeling etc. and you are struggling. However the companies who are deemed number one and successful are person-woman-hand-smartphoneknocking it out the park with fewer standards. You are doing too much. Your cupcake product is good and you are trying to make it great. Stop trying to fix what’s not broken and allow people to experience your “good”- which is actually great in everyone else’s eyes. Work with what you have. She named this experience The Cupcake Theory.

The lessons I learned, was to stop trying to make everything so “perfect”. Stay true to myself and my standards, but allow something that is good to represent your company. It will never be perfect and you will lose business and your mind trying to make it be. Sometimes good is good enough. As I begin to let go of my need for “perfection” I found that I was the only one second guessing my designs. My customers loved everything and vowed to leave if I changed anything. I also gained my confidence because I was able to be proud of the cupcake products I created; and celebrate my accomplishments.

The Cupcake Theory – The Greatest Lesson I learned

The greatest lesson I learned was that if you don’t release your product or service out into the world, you will never know if it is good enough. You can always make improvements but you have to have a product or service to improve. We are our worse critiques. Stop over thinking and get out of your head. Surround yourself with people who have similar business acumen; people who will hold you accountable; and tell you the truth in love. Luckily for me, I had someone who helped me to see that I was in my own way.  

Learn from my Cupcake Theory experience and get out of your way. Trust the process you created and release your gifts to the world.  You will be presently surprised how willingly people will embrace them.

Until next time: walk in your greatness. The world is awaiting your arrival.

CEO of JMI and the Founder of the Reinvent You Movement (RYM)Judi Mason is a published Author, Freelance Writer and Consultant. Judi is the CEO of JMI and the Founder of the Reinvent You Movement (RYM). Through the RYM, Judi empowers individuals to Rediscover, Reconnect and Reinvent themselves by fulfilling their God ordained entrepreneurial purpose.

Judi utilizes workshops, trainings, videos, speaking engagements and her books to equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed. For more information visit: Stay connected: Twitter: judimason Facebook: judimasonrym LinkedIn:

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