Crowdfunding Seminar

Are you an entrepreneur or new business trying to raise capital that can help transform a prototype into a product, an idea into a viable business or raise funds for a nonprofit?

Crowdfunding has created the opportunity for entrepreneurs to raise hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars from anyone with money to invest. It provides a forum to anyone with an idea, to pitch it in front of waiting investors.

On October 6th, from 10am to 5pm in The Life Center’s Social Hall, The Marketplace Alliance Group is excited to present:

Crowdfunding 101How to Do It Right and Be Successful!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to Brainstorm The Basics to Do It Right
  • When To Launch Your Campaign
  • How to Grow Your Campaign Audience
  • How to Use Events to Bring Your Campaign to Life
  • Successful Marketing and Press Release Strategies
  • and a whole lot more!!!

You’ll also get an easy-to-follow workbook along with other bonuses! You’ll get all that for only $35! That’s right, $35!

To register for this financial life-changing workshop, click the button below TODAY!