Have You Considered A Reinvention?

Have You Considered A Reinvention?

by Judi Mason

Today I want to talk on the subject of reinvention. At a young age, we were taught to go to school, get a job, retire, and live happily ever after; this was the prescription of the American dream. But nowhere in this prescribed formula does anyone take time to ask if this is the life path that we really want to pursue. Just because this worked for some, it does not mean that it works for everyone. Today our childhood dreams have been replaced with kids, deadlines, and attempts to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.Have you considered a reinvention?

We have become so engulfed in our self-absorbed drama that we often ask ourselves, “Who have I become?” Like most people, you need to detox and take a break from the drama of life and figure out who you really are. But who has time? We all have been guilty of allowing the challenges of life to take us down a path most traveled.

But today, I would like to dare you to dream again! Take time to look in the mirror and ask yourself- What are you passionate about? What would you like to accomplish? Begin to put you and your desires first in your life. Give yourself permission to pursue your passion and live your dream. Reinvention yourself to fulfill your destiny.

I challenge you to allow the answers to the following questions to open your mind to the endless possibilities that are ahead of you.

• What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?
• What would you do if you stop wondering about the opinions of others?
• What would you do if you failed you knew you would only bounce right back up?
• What would you do if it didn’t matter how much money you lost; you would always have more than what you needed?
• What would your life look like if you removed all of your excuses and chose to live your authentic life unapologetically?

After answering these questions, can you honestly say that your current choices and goals mirror your true desires? There is more to you than who you are today. Isn’t it time you rediscover who you are outside of the title of employee, parent, spouse, etc.?

If someone asked, who is __________ (your name), would you be able to answer them? Allow the following fill in the blank exercise to help you put your life in perspective.

_____ (your name) is a wonderful person who loves to _____ and is very passionate about_________. Money not being an option I would _________. My life is/is not a reflection of my dreams and desires because _____. The legacy that I want to leave on earth is _______. I am/I am not on the road to fulfill that legacy because ____ I need to make the following changes in my life in order for my life to reflect my authentic self/desires: ______________. From this day forward I will make me (your name) _____ my number one priority. I will choose to pursue my true desire(s) of ______. I will solicit the help of (name a person(s) who will hold you accountable/offer support) _________to help me on this journey. Today I choose to show myself love by putting (your name) ________________ first in my life.

Have You Considered A Reinvention?Let this moment be the defining moment that you begin to make the necessary life changes that will allow you to live your dream and enjoy your life. Right now, choose to take yourself off the shelf and LIVE. Reinvention means you have to make a change. Change is scary and will cause you to be uncomfortable; and at times fear will try to talk you out of your destiny. Just remember- “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are” (Quote by E. E. Cummings).

You might have to make the changes with your teeth chattering and your knees knocking together. Just DO IT! If for no other reason, but because you are worth it. There is greatness on the inside of you that is waiting to be exposed. So take time to rediscover who you are today; reconnect with your true desires and reinvent your life to reflect your authentic self. You will love the outcome!

CEO of JMI and the Founder of the Reinvent You Movement (RYM)
Judi Mason

Judi Mason is a published Author, Freelance Writer and Consultant. Judi is the CEO of JMI and the Founder of the Reinvent You Movement (RYM). Through the RYM, Judi empowers individuals to Rediscover, Reconnect and Reinvent themselves by fulfilling their God ordained entrepreneurial purpose. Judi utilizes workshops, trainings, videos, speaking engagements and her books to equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed.

For more information about Judi visit: www.judimason.com. Stay connected: Twitter: judimason Facebook: judimasonrym LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/judimason

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