About Us

Our History

Marketplace Alliance Group became a formal organization in 2003.  However, it began as a concept many years before.  Buddy Crum, as a pastor with an extensive background in business saw the need to provide a place within the Life Center Church to develop and support emerging business people in combining and strengthening their spiritual walk and in their business skills.  This was foundational in identifying the needs and to develop an effective delivery system.  

It began with monthly meetings and individual counseling with the business people. The basic foundational principles, referred to as The 7BBP’s (Seven Basic Business Principles for Success) were begun.  These are still being used and are incorporated in the book, “Much More Than a Job“.  Later the Business Input Committee or Business Council was added as a means of providing impute and advise to these business people.  Today this process has been greatly expanded and refined to be much more comprehensive.

In order to reach more churches with the concept this was later incorporated into a similar vision of Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International Ministries.  Buddy Crum, along with other pastors and business people, began what later became known as Christian International Business Network.  As a founding board member, Buddy Crum developed the curriculum and other tools that were used by the organization.  It was designed to support pastors and churches in developing a means to reach and minister to their business people in a very practical means.   They were able to place this concept in over 100 churches.

In 2003 Buddy Crum desiring to build a more in depth or involved process to work with the business people of the churches that had a clear vision for reaching their business people and developing a program for wealth, began what is today Marketplace Alliance.

“God builds the person, to build a business to impact the world and advance the Kingdom of God.”

While the Bible is a corporate Book describing God’s plans and purpose, it seems to have a pattern for developing His people.  In order for the individual to progress in their development and maturity of their God given purpose on earth, they must build their character, inner person, in order to be stable in all their ways.  It is often said that “God makes the person before He will make the ministry or the business.”

The Individual

Business man on computerWe believe that God’s plan and purpose for the individual is to be successful in the natural world, including the financial world.  However, we must learn God’s principles and how to practically apply them to our daily lives.  Most people seem to fail for lack of understanding or knowledge.  These principles and strategies for how money works need to be taught early in a person’s life, although it is never too late.  We teach these principles and strategies in a practical way with the means to appropriate them to your lifestyle.  We also work with our young people to help develop their skills in money management early.  

The Business

It is well known that most businesses that fail do so in their first five years.  In order to be successful in the workplace or marketplace a person needs to be trained in the skills of business and life.  Although the colleges and advanced schools teach many of these principles we are designed to train participants in a very practical way and from a Biblical perspective.  

The MAG training is incorporated with other added values of Executive Coaching and Business Consulting.  The end result of these practices and principles is to develop those Kingdom Entrepreneurs to advance God’s work on earth.


Leader in groupEvery person in leadership of an organization should have a vision from God as to how they intend to impact the world for Him.  Why and what is their calling?  It is more than making money or a profit.  When God gives us the “desires of our heart” it is in compliance with His eternal purpose and plans.  We are able to help identify, clarify and advance this vision.  The vision holder is able to combine their gifts and talents and callings with that of other gifted business leaders to impact the world in a greater way.


The final impact occurs when individuals, their businesses and community outreach efforts converge and align with God’s plans and purpose for the human race.  Our service to God in these endeavors brings about the harvest or wealth through advancing the Kingdom of God in the Marketplace.