The 7 Basic Biblical Principles

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"The 7 BBPs"

7 Basic Biblical Principles 

Watch this 6 minute overview of the 7 BBP's.

To apprehend the fullness of God's promises and provisions, it is necessary to understand and operate our lives according to His principles. Would you agree?

Therefore, the Marketplace Alliance Group presents the highly anticipated 7 Basic Biblical Principles (7 BBP’s) that are essential for success in the marketplace.

Since the marketplace is where people spend the majority of their time such as home, workplace, in the community, and/or school, this all-day Seminar will go in-depth about each principle and you’ll discover how to apply each one to impact your marketplace.

As you learn and use these Principles you will find that God is able to release His power (grace) to accomplish the work He has given you to do.

This seminar will be held on

Saturday May 6, 2017

at The Life Center’s Social Hall

from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

for only $25 ($15 for all Abundant Life participants)

Seating for this highly anticipated seminar is limited, therefore register now before all the seats are filled!

The next 7 BBP’s Seminar will be sometime next year, so register Today before it’s too late!