Welcome To Marketplace Alliance Group’s Website


The Marketplace Alliance Group (MAG); an extension of The Life Center, is a ministry that empowers businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals with innovative modern economic solutions utilizing current and relevant marketing methods and biblical principles for success in the marketplace.

The Marketplace Alliance Group was established:

1To bring an awareness and understanding of the principles of marketplace ministry and its effectiveness in your sphere of influence such as home, workplace, community, government, and business.


2To promote and educate The Life Center members and the community in biblical entrepreneurship, specifically starting a business and/or nonprofit organization with a biblical mindset.


3To inspire the Kingdom economic mindset among business owners and nonprofit directors to enhance and grow your business and nonprofit through training, networking, connections to resources, and coaching.


4To provide ongoing workshops, webinars and connections to resources focusing on strategies in seeking employment and switching careers.

Our purpose is to provide a place where you are taught, trained, equipped and activated to be influencers and leaders in the marketplace utilizing biblical principles.

Explore our website for various business trainings to help you grow your business, for job resources in the metro-Atlanta area to help you find employment, along with relevant and informative articles that will help empower you to make a difference in the new frontier of ministry: The Marketplace.

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