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The Marketplace Alliance Group (MAG); an extension of The Life Center, is a group of successful Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who invest in the growth and effectiveness of serious-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and potential business owners seeking information about entrepreneurship, business concepts and financial strategies which will point their way to success.

We empower them by providing relevant information and quality training opportunities with an emphasis on practical application of Biblical principles in the marketplace.



Seven Basic Biblical Principles—the foundation of marketplace ministry.  God’s Kingdom culture measures success according to the degree to which you operate in these basic biblical principles: 1. Vision, 2. Planning, 3. Workmanship, 4. Stewardship, 5. Servanthood, Values, ethics, and 6. Integrity, and 7. Hearing God.

Transformational Leadership— a management style that has the potential to empower growth in any organization.  The goal is to effect positive change for both the organization and the workers.  It is a leadership style that fuels cohesion among peers and team members.

Business & Soft Skills Training—a series of webinars for career and business development preparation and certification.  Participants can earn a certificate in sales, management, team building, etc.

Workshops & Seminars

This Prosperity Principles & Financial Management Program comprises of five 2-hour classroom courses and 3 online classes covering money management, establishing financial goals, tracking expenditures, developing ways to save money, and starting a small business to generate extra income.  Some of the classes covered are:

  • Economic Mindset of God
  • Creating and Living by Your Financial & Family Goals
  • Basic Economic Principles of Finance
  • Strategies for Financial Independence
  • Entrepreneurship


Channels of Income Seminars provides strategies to bring in extra income, plus techniques to use the income in a variety of ways such as paying off debt, increasing savings account, and investing in personal, business, or nonprofit projects. These seminars are E-Commerce, Grant Writing & Government Contracts, and Corporate Funding.


Financial Boot Camp for Youth—provides 2 sections of training in economics and personal finance. Sixth to 12th grade children and youth learn the fundamentals of starting a business, budgeting, basic economics, and investing in stocks.

The first part is 5 days (6 hours each day) of exploring the world of finance.  This training is held during schools’ spring break. The second section is 3 weeks of diving into an in-depth discovery of finance and preparing the participants in entrepreneurship. This training is held during the summer.


Career Development & Advancement—helps employees develop a career path by considering additional training, education, and professional development. The goal is to increase people’s knowledge of career options and job trends.

Personal Business Consulting

The Triple “P” Systems of Success—This is a One-On-One Personalized Business Development Strategy for emerging entrepreneurs and business owners. The goal is to assist them in building their business using:

  1. Perspective (Vision-Based Framework),
  2. Process (Strategic Planning Frameworks), and
  3. People (Core Customers and Value).

The Predictable Growth Formula will help businesses rise and strive.


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