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The Marketplace Alliance Group (MAG); an extension of The Life Center, is a ministry that empowers businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals with innovative modern economic solutions utilizing current and relevant marketing methods and biblical principles for success in the marketplace.

The Abundant Life Initiative

The Abundant Life Initiative is a Prosperity Principles & Financial Management Program with five 2-hour classroom courses and 3 online classes covering how to have a godly millionaire mindset, money management skills and strategies to fulfill your dreams, vision and purpose.

Job Resource Center

Here are various job opportunities available in the area from the Department of Human Services Jobs & Training Pipeline.


Here are some amazing, value-packed resources to bring you and your business to the next level.


Here, you will find relevant and informative articles that will help empower you to grow your business, ministry and dreams to make a difference in the new frontier of ministry: The Marketplace.

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The Marketplace Alliance Group