Marketplace Alliance Group

They want to be an entrepreneur and run a successful business or non-profit organization, but don’t know how to properly start it and/or keep it going.

Then, there are those who want additional income and effective strategies to live a debt-free life. They want to be more successful and fulfilled in their lives, but don’t know where to find the valuable information they need that will empower them to be financially free.

And, how does one apply Biblical principles in a business environment or in the workplace, without using a lot of “Church” verbiage, and effectively lead people to Christ?

For serious, Kingdom-minded Christians craving to apply Biblical principles in a business environment and in the workplace, The Marketplace Alliance Group, an extension of The Life Center, is a business ministry that provides training on practical application of Biblical principles in the marketplace.

Unlike any other business group, MAG reveals the exciting and influential life of being a successful Kingdom-minded entrepreneur, business owner, ministry, employee and leader.

Whether you feel: 

* overwhelmed in debt and can’t get out,

*stuck on a job with no advancement opportunities,

*own a business or non-profit that is stagnant and not going anywhere, or

*you’re unsure of how to apply the Word of God in your workplace or business environment,

We provide relevant information about business concepts, current/relevant marketing methods, innovative financial strategies, leadership skills and quality career training opportunities with an emphasis on practical application of Biblical principles in the marketplace, so you can experience God at a level you never imagined and live the dream you’ve envisioned.

Marketplace Alliance Group


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